Yakima Business

Improving Opportunities

Centro de Servicios Comunitarios (Community Service Center) in Yakima, WA, is committed to promoting new and expanding business opportunities for the community throughout central part of the state to act as a local business incubator.

Currently, we specialize in business advisory, education promotion, housing assistance and cultural partnership. With this in mind, we now have a business advisory center, learning center, housing assistance resource center and a sport venture known as, Copa America Soccer Tournament.

About Our Business Advisory Center

Our business advisory center addresses community needs for business development and operations based on observed challenges. We address the lack of knowledge in recognizing new and existing regulations, as well as assisting, coaching and facilitating community members with business regulations by bridging the gap between government agencies, related stakeholders and individuals.

We also assist with the lack of training, presence of unbalanced completion and the need for smooth communications. To combat the lack of training, we offer assistance with computer skills, resume preparation and certificate acquirement. We tackle unbalanced completion by establishing appropriate business plans and further guidance in taping available financial and other strategic resources.

The problem of communication is significant when a client engages with agencies, such as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of Labor and Industries, banks, insurance companies and other relevant institutions. Communication skills development includes providing language, technical and financial updates. Furthermore, we offer presentational assistance, such as branding, networking and promotions. Our basic legal information and referral service can help clients start new businesses and maintain existing ones.

Our Learning Center

Our learning center addresses educational needs, such as basic computer training, which includes office use, software applications, such as Internet and Internet telephone access, tax filing and others. Tutorial service also is another endeavor available through the center. Our learning center partners with local school districts to meet the needs of students who are interested in extracurricular assistance.

Our organization has computers available in our small technology center where you can access high speed Internet. Our computer center is available for public use during business hours, Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Our goal is to have the technology center opened until 10:00 PM, so the community can come to a quiet atmosphere where they are able to do their homework, print, make copies and/or send emails, and other business activities.

We will help educate our community to offer them new skills and enhance our community entrepreneurial climate. We are proud to assist in turning dreams into realities.

Housing Assistance

Currently, we oversee various rental houses available for individual residence and assisted living centers for members of the community in a dire need.

Copa America Soccer Tournament (CAST)

CAST is a business-oriented, cultural venture attempting to bring all members of the community together. While providing entertainment, we place an emphasis on health promotion and engagement of small business owners in the event. CAST takes place every other year in designated local community locations.